Our Mission:

Our mission is to elect candidates who agree with and will abide by our Statement of Principles

Our History:

In March of 2002, then Santa Rosa Councilwoman Noreen Evans convened a meeting of labor union representatives, environmental groups, civic and neighborhood organizations and individuals active in Sonoma County. Everyone was deeply frustrated by the failure of local governments to act on the issues that concerned them, the corresponding lack of representation.

Everyone agreed that progress on important progressive issues could only be made by working together to back progressive candidates for local offices, and the Coalition for a Better Sonoma County was formed.

Who we are now, and what we do:

The Coalition for a Better Sonoma County is a PAC that brings together organizations, groups and individuals to work toward a common goal – to ensure that our local government acts for the benefit of all the people, not just for the benefit of big money interests.

We are environmentalists, union members, civic organizations, neighborhood activists, and concerned citizens, who believe that by working together we can make Sonoma County a better place.

CBSC is powerful exactly because we all work together. We need to continue the fight for environmental and social justice; for good jobs with good wages and benefits, for coalition and collaboration across race and class boundaries, and for a better life for those less fortunate. This effort requires a committed, open and transparent government.

We endorse progressive candidates for office, support those candidates and do independent expenditure campaigns in races where we feel we can have the most effect. We also engage in non-electoral based research and information gathering to educate Sonoma County residents.

Our Key Polices: 

  • Affordable Housing for all Income Levels
  • Smart, Responsible and Sustainable Growth
  • Local Jobs for Local Workers

Our Core Principles:

  • Conserving our Natural Resources
  • Reducing the Influence of Money in Politics
  • Living Wages for Working Families