Deb Fudge for Supervisor:
A Smarter Future for Sonoma County

 Town Councilmember and small business owner Deb Fudge is the only candidate for supervisor who will deliver a smarter future for Sonoma County — attracting quality jobs, supporting agriculture, investing in economic development and improving our regional transportation.

Quality Jobs and a Stronger Economy

During Deb’s 18 years on the Windsor Town Council and a record five terms as mayor, her experience as a city planner has made Windsor the most financially secure city in the county. As supervisor, Deb will protect agriculture, expand and retain small businesses and focus on economic development and tourism to create high-wage jobs.

Smart Solutions for Traffic and Roads

Deb led efforts to launch SMART, creating thousands of jobs and alleviating traffic on 101. Deb is already working to finalize the connection to Northern Sonoma County. And Deb is fighting to repave our roads after years of neglect.

Protecting the Russian River and our Environment –  and Fighting Climate Change

For more than two decades, Deb has secured open space, protected farmland, promoted conservation and advanced green energy policies. She will work to protect our water supply from the impact of the drought and ensure our farms and vintners have the water they need.

Join California nurses, Windsor firefighters,  Sonoma County Conservation Action, the Coalition for  a Better Sonoma County, the Sierra Club, the Democratic Party, Congressman Jared Huffman, former Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, State Senator Noreen Evans and Assemblyman Wes Chesbro:  Vote Deb Fudge for Supervisor.

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About the Coalition for a Better Sonoma County

We are environmentalists, union members, civic organizations, neighborhood activists and concerned citizens, who believe that by working together we can make Sonoma County a better place. Join us in supporting Deb Fudge for Supervisor!


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